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25030 Erbusco (BS), Italien
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In 1968, the idea of planting a vineyard took shape and Maurizio Zanella, Annamaria’s son and current President of Ca' del Bosco, became the protagonist of an avant-garde winemaking itinerary.
Ca' del Bosco has given shape to the vocation of a wine-growing area – Franciacorta – as a region that allows Chardonnay, in particular, to ripen fully to maximum aroma concentration.
Ca' del Bosco’s winemaking practices enable a natural emergence of the typicity of the grapes resulting from varietals and grape growing techniques. The company’s philosophy is based on use of technology able to bring out the full flavor of the grapes and obtain the best possible wines. Each batch of harvested grapes has a unique personality, which must be recognized and then guided towards its complete expression.
The aim has always been to create a facility where the most advanced technology serves the noblest traditions, one with its own elitist image and a significant role to play in the Italian wine industry.
At Ca' del Bosco, one principle controls and defines the entire production process, from vine-tending to bottling: quality, or rather, only the top level of quality – excellence.

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